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HD+ is a satellite TV subscription service that delivers the most watched and loved local free-to-air (FTA) channels in 5 times the picture quality when compared with regular Standard Definition (SD) TV. With HD+ you can enjoy your favourite local channels in razor-sharp, brighter and more colourful TV picture quality for an immersive viewing experience.

The service can be accessed via an HD+ Decoder, available at the nearest Multi TV dealer or any Electroland showroom nationwide. Existing homes on the MultiTV platform do not require a new satellite dish as they are compatible with the HD+ service. All that is required is a new HD+ Decoder to enjoy “The FeeliFeeli Experience.” A one-time activation via the USSD short code *879# will unlock a free subscription period of 2 months.

After the trial period, you can enjoy the HD+ FeeliFeeli experience by subscribing via the HD+ USSD code for only GHS25.00 a month. You can also enjoy significant discounts by opting for quarterly and yearly payments.

We recommend that you contact an authorized installer to assist you with the installation of your HD+ Decoder.
• You will need an HD TV set to enjoy The FeeliFeeli Experience.
• Ensure the dish is properly aligned to the MultiTV platform satellite position on Astra-2F at 28.2° East. The dish must be at least 60cm.
• Check that the F-Connectors at the end of the cable are properly fixed and protected with a high-quality insulation tape. The cable must not be longer than 100 ft or 30m.
• Check that the signal strength and quality are at the highest level possible (ideally, over 80%). This should be done using a signal meter (satellite finder).
• Finally, check that the satellite cable is connected to the back of the HD+ Decoder and connected using an HDMI cable to your HD TV set.
• Now turn on the HD+ Decoder and watch the progress on the TV screen. The HD+ Decoder will make an automatic scan of all available channels and build the HD+ Channel List. As part of this scan, the HD+ Decoder will also check for software updates. It is recommended to always maintain the newest software on the STB. This installation process can take up to 10 minutes and needs no action unless prompted by messages on the screen

There is always a corresponding HD+ logo on an HD+ Decoder.

You can get the HD+ Decoder from any Electroland showroom nationwide or authorized dealer store.
Visit for more details.


• An HD+ Decoder
• A 240 V PSU unit plus cable with a square three pin plug
• A Remote Control Unit (RCU) with 2 batteries
• An HDMI cable
• A User Manual
• A Marketing flyer
• Your HD+ Number

• Restart the HD+ Decoder. After power up, the HD+ Decoder will download a complete list of available satellite channels.
• Choose the “MENU” button on the remote control, if you need to scan for channels on the HD+ Decoder
• Choose “Settings”
• After that choose “Channel search”, then “Automatic Channel Search” and then “Open”
• For “Channel Type” select “TV SD / HD & Radio”
• For “Mode” select “Free & Encrypted”
• Select “Astra 2F” as “Satellite”
• Start scanning for the channels by selecting “Start Scan”.
• The scanning process might take a couple of minutes.
• Channels should be up after scanning.
If the problem persists, please contact the nearest authorized installer to diagnose and resolve the issue.

• Check the batteries in the remote-control and ensure that LED light blinks red when the “Power” button is pressed.
• Start the HD+ Decoder using the “Power” button on the front panel.
• If the LED light on the Decoder does not light up, check that the power cable is connected to the main supply.
• Try using new batteries; these can be purchased from the nearest local outlet.
• The nearest authorized installer to diagnose and resolve the issue.

• Dial *879#
• Choose option 3 to select balance
• Follow the prompts and enter your HD+ Number to check your balance.
Alternatively, you can check your current HD+ Subscription Status by pressing the “HD+” Button on the RCU.

Unfortunately, HD+ does not currently support account interceptions or pausing.

If a new package is purchased while another package is active, the validity of the new package starts as soon as the existing package expires. You will not lose your current subscription if you purchase a new one.

Continue using the available subscription until it expires. Please make it a point to subscribe for the number of months that the service will be required.

• Note that your HD+ Number can be found underneath the packaging box or on a slip of paper found in the box the HD+ Decoder comes in
• Please cross check the HD+ Number that is being inputted again.
• You can also press the HD+ button on your RCU unit for your HD+ Number in case you have forgotten it.

• The HD+ Decoder guarantees you a razor sharp high-definition TV experience with an integrated 7-Day Electronic Program Guide.
• Note that your HD+ account will have to be activated first in order to access all the HD+ channels.
• Dial *879# to see the HD+ Menu interface, select option 2
• Select option 5 to add the HD+ Number.
• The list of packages will appear, select the preferred package.
• Select option 1 to add mobile number & proceed to make payment.
• Select 1 again to make payment and wait for a confirmation message.

You should have purchased an HD+ Decoder first for it to be set up by an installer and must have an HD enabled TV. You will have to get a second dish or contact your installer to repoint your existing dish to the SES Astra-2F satellite position at 28.2° East.

NB: Existing homes on the MultiTV platform do not require a new satellite dish as they are compatible with the HD+ service. All that is required is a new HD+ Decoder to enjoy The FeeliFeeli Experience.

After your HD+ Subscription expires only the SD channels can be accessed

With an HD+ Decoder, you can enjoy over 20 of the most popular free-to-air local channels in HD quality. High Definition (HD) TV offers 5 times the picture resolution of Standard Definition (SD) TV, giving razor sharp, brighter and more colorful TV pictures, to give viewers a truly immersive viewing experience. In addition to the HD+ channels, subscribers can also watch over 100 FTA local channels in SD. On the other hand, an ordinary decoder will deliver a standard definition view even with your HD TV set. The HD+ channels also offer enriched program information, like program title and description, thereby offering more comfort for the customer while browsing the EPG or searching for a specific program.

How does My HD PLUS App work?
My HD PLUS App gives you the option to watch all your HD+ channels plus other free to air channels you have on your HD+ Decoder on a mobile phone device

How do I access My HD PLUS App on my phone?
Ensure you have an active data plan or internet connection.
Once your HD+ Decoder is active, search for My HD PLUS on either the Play store or Appstore and download the App. After downloading the App, install it on your mobile device to log in with your HD+ Number (NOTE: Password can be found on the HD+ subscription status page on the HD+ Decoder).

What are the functions of the My HD PLUS App?
• Watch your favourite local channels on the go
• Radio
• Check your HD+ subscription status*(available in phase 2)

Why is My HD PLUS App not showing all the channels?
Your HD+ should be able to show all channels (HD+ channels & free to air channels) if not;
1. Check if you have an active internet or data connection.

How do I fix missing channels on My HD PLUS App?
1. Log out and log in again to the My HD PLUS App.
2. Uninstall the App and reinstall it again if the issue still persists.

How much data do I need for the whole month?
It depends on how often you stay active to watch content on the App.

Can I choose my own channels on the My HD PLUS App?
No, you cannot. However, you can create your favourite list of channels to watch.

How do I activate My HD PLUS App?
No activation is needed! Only enter your HD+ Number and password to log in.

You can find both on the HD+ subscription status page on your HD+ Decoder.

How do I access My HD PLUS on my Samsung 4K UHD TV?
1. Ensure that your TV is connected to a dish that is properly aligned to the MultiTV platform satellite position on Astra-2F at 28.2° East. The dish must be at least 60cm.
2. You need an internet connection (WIFI, phone hot-spot, or broadband) for the app download and regular update.
3. Go to the Samsung Appstore on the TV Appstore, search for My HD PLUS.
4. Download and install to activate your two-month free subscription.

Can I access HD+ on any other UHD TV?
My HD PLUS App can only work with Samsung 4K UHD TV for now. In future, HD+ will be integrated into other TV brands that have UHD 4K capabilities will be rolled out.

How do I activate HD+ on Samsung 4K UHD TV?
Activation is done automatically after you install the My HD PLUS App on your TV.

How to subscribe for My HD PLUS on my Samsung 4K UHD TV
1. Simply dial *879# on a Mobile Money registered number.
2. Enter Option 2 to subscribe to a package.
3. From the list provided, select your preferred package.
4. For an existing user, press 1 to select your HD+ Number.
5. For a new user, press 5 to add your HD+ Number (Your HD+ Number can be found at the Product Information section in the settings).
6. Press 1 to make payments via Mobile Money; if you are sure of your package selection.
7. You will receive a prompt to complete payment.
8. After payment has been completed, you will receive a confirmation message if successful. Now you can enjoy your favourite TV channels in HD quality!

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