Grab an HD+ Decoder today from the nearest authorized dealer or any Electroland showroom nationwide and get The #Feelifeeli Experience like never before.

What You Get



Content from your favourite TV channel is now available in HD!

To enjoy The #FeeliFeeli Experience, you will need to purchase an HD+ Decoder and activate your HD+ number. Your HD+ number can be found underneath the packaging box or on a slip of paper found in the box the HD+ Decoder comes in.

You should record and safekeep this number for future use.

We have what you need: Our HD+ channel package offers everything for your perfect TV experience.


HD Channels


Free-to-air Channels


Months Free Trial Period

HD+ Packages



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We have what you need: Our HD + channel package offers everything for your perfect TV experience.


Private HD


Ultra HD


Free HD

How To Access The Service



How To Activate Your HD+ Account

  • Dial *879#
  • Press 1 to activate your free trial.
  • Choose option 5 to add your HD+ account number.
  • Enter the first 6 digits of your HD+ number as prompted
  • Enter the last 6 digits.
  • Press 1 to confirm your number.
  • Select 1 to activate your HD+ account.
  • You will receive a confirmation number if successful.



How To Subscribe To an HD+ Subscription

  • Dial *879#
  • Enter option 2 to subscribe to a package
  • From the list provided, select your HD+ account number.
  • Choose your preferred package.
  • Press 1 to proceed if you are sure of your package selection.
  • You will receive a prompt to complete payment.
  • After payment has been completed, you will receive a confirmation message if successful.


Terms & Conditions

  • Free 12hrs (1.08GB ) free data streaming for MTN and Vodafone users per month for every active HD+ user
  • Only HD+ users with an MTN number can access the free data of the My HD Plus App for now. Vodafone will be added by November 2021.
  • First-time users with 2 months free trial can access the My HD Plus App with additional free 1.08GB data per month during the free trial period.
  • Existing users with a paid subscription will also enjoy free monthly 1.08GB data during their active subscription period
  • Only 1 month and above entitlements are considered to qualify in the free data – weekly packages are not considered.
  • Users can only use 1 phone number to access the free data. (User can only change the number upon the request from the user and only done by calling the HD+ Call Centre.
  • HD+ users with no active subscription or no free trial period cannot access the My HD Plus App.

Features & Product information

  • The app is available on iOS & Google PlayStore.
  • Supports mobile phone & Tablet devices.
  • App has radio availability (Accra base radio, Kumasi base radio and 2 west African radio).
  • The app supports a full-screen mode option.
  • Streaming of All HD+ channels plus over 40 FTA channels.
  • Defined Genres (HD+ channels, General channels & Religious channels).
  • Option to check the current status of HD+ subscription validity
  • Data streaming stops when the app is pushed to the background.

Package Pricing

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