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4K UHD refers to a screen resolution that is four times that of a Full (1080p) HD TV. A Full HD TV fits 2 million pixels but a TV with 4K UHD resolution packs 8 million into the same parameter — This is made possible by making the pixels smaller. Making for a clearer picture and richer colour on the TV.

How do I access My HD PLUS on my Samsung 4K UHD TV?

  • Ensure the dish is properly aligned to the MultiTV platform satellite position on Astra-2F at 28.2° East.
    The dish must be at least 60cm.
  • You need an internet connection (WiFi, phone hot-spot or broadband) just for the app download
    and regular update
  • Go to the Samsung Appstore on the TV Appstore, search for My HD PLUS
  • Download and install to activate your 2 months free subscription.

How do I activate HD+ on my Samsung 4K UHD TV?

  • Activation is done automatically after you install the My HD PLUS App on your TV.

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